Wadi Nisnas is an Arab neighborhood within the city of Haifa in northern Israel.

The meaning of “Nisnas” in Arabic stands for mongoose, an indigenous animal. The Wadi inhabits some 8,000 inhabitants.

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Locals simply call it “the Wadi”.

The neighborhood is usually very much alive mainly thanks to its flourishing markets, spice shops, bakeries that specialize in unique oriental bakeries such as the Baklava ir the Knaffe, and all are embroidered in the breathtaking smell of fresh coffee beans, being grinded.


During the month of December, the Wadi hosts the annual Festival of all Festivals that is a civil meeting-point between religious Xmas, Hanukkah and Id el Fitr holidays; being celebrated around this time of year.

Don’t’ miss it; just come to the city of Haifa and you will easily find directions within the city.


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