After the six day war, in 1967, the Israeli Druze have begun celebrating the holiday along with their community who leave in the Golan Heights, near Birkat Ram, every 25th of August.

The holiday is celebrated on January 25, at the grave of the prophet in the village of Kfar-Yassif, near old Acre (in the north of Israel). The prophet El’hader is the second most important prophet in the Druze religion.

The holiday is celebrated by the Druzes', on September 10, at the grave of the Prophet in the north of Israel, near the village of Hurfei'sh. The holiday usually ends with mutual blessing of each other.

The holiday lasts for four days, as of April 24, in the vicinity of Ne'bi Shuei'b outside of Tiberius (in the north of Israel). According to Druze tradition, Shuei'b is allegedly Jethro, Moses' father in law. In traditional stories, Jethro was born in the half isle of Arabia and wandered over the Sahara desert while...

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