Saying sinkholes, in Israel, means…the sinkholes of the surrounding of the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is now 1,377 feet below sea level. One of the phenomena referring to the area of the Dead Sea is the phenomena of the sinkholes.

What is a sinkhole?

A sinkhole is a small crater, similar to holes that open up without any preliminary warning. Sinkholes in this region are the result of the interaction between freshwater and a subterranean salt-layer, buried beneath the surface.

The freshwater dissolves the salt, creating an underground void, which causes the surface to suddenly collapse.

Both science and scientists have no way to determine when or even where a sinkhole may open.
Alas, these sinkholes have been opening around the Dead Sea at an ever growing speed.

There is yet much to learn re this phenomenon; but it is no doubt a fascinating one, aside being a highly dangerous one to step into…

Sinkholes in Dead Sea The sinkhole phenomena The sinkhole phenomena , Dead Sea


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