Up north, Israel borders with the state of Lebanon. 

As of year 2000 the UN have been residing at a peace-zone between the two countries.

The UN had declared a “Blue Line” that had been recognized by both Lebanon and by Israel as the international border. It stretches between the Mediterranean Sea and the river Hazbani.

The area itself is beautiful; it consists of hills, waterfalls, green parks, breathtaking scenery and many tours, hikes, bike rides etc.- for individual as well as family trips.

Some of the sites worth visiting are:

• The lovely city of Metullah;
• Idmit Park;
• The Namer (tigr) stream hike;
• Manor Mountain;
• Zar’it;
• Simera;
• The Bezeq stream hike;
• The Sassa Sinkhole;
• Adir Mountain;
• Miron Mountain;
• The Pa’ar cave
• Hiram Mountain;
• The Dishon stream;
• Keren Naftally ( a great lookout point)
• The city of Kiryat-Shmona;
• Manara – an attraction site as well as a lookout point;
• The rivers and parks of Dan and Hazbani

The time to visit is in spring; during March-June, when the weather is comfortable and nature is blooming.

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