A Mezuzah that is mounted on the doorstep portrays that this home is Jewish.

The meaning of it stands to remind man that there is an important connection between God and man, and that this is the heritage of the Jewish people.

The actual Hebrew word Mezuzah translates as “doorpost”.

There is an outer containment and an inner scroll, within. The scroll contains a prayer called “Shmaa Israel”, a passage from the Bible that declares that God is One and the only one.

The scroll is handwritten by an expert who is able, skilled and allowed to write down such prayers.
Another meaning of the Mezuzah is that God is watching over his people, hence he is the Guardian of the doorsteps of his “herd”.

The Mezuzah is a most important sign for all Jewish people.
In the state of Israel, there is one on every doorstep of the homes, the bluishness, shops, etc.; even if the inhabitants are not highly religious peoples.

Most people also place the Mezuzah inside their homes, on inner-rooms’ thresholds, to maintain a blessing for the internal house as well, most certainly at children’s’ rooms.

Nowadays, the outer container is designed in a variety of beautiful designs and it is usually a lovely site to see; though it is not necessary for the meaning itself, as the main, holy part of the “Shmaa” prayer lies within.

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