The Jerusalem Ramparts’ walk

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The Ramparts’ walk is a unique way to get a breathtaking view of the city of Jerusalem.

All it takes is…. to climb the ramparts of the Old City and circle the city from above.

The walk enables visitors to glance at areas that one could never have seen otherwise; for example the Armenian quarter – a privately kept, discrete and cloistered area, or some parts of the Muslim compound; alongside stunning views of the old and new city of the Jerusalem.

The present walls of Jerusalem had been built by Suleiman the Magnificent, the tenth and longest-reigning Emperor/ Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, who had lived in years 14-94 to 15-66 AD. In the 16th century and as part of his military campaigns, he found value in restoring the ancient walls of the city, and they have served as military fortifications -ever since.

Nowadays it is impossible to make a full round of the city, since access to the ramparts –from the Temple Mount is closed off. This is why the ramparts’ walk had been separated into two parts:
One part starts just outside Jaffa Gate, near the David-Tower’s Museum and is called the Southern walk-path. This path heads towards Mount-Zion’s Gate and finishes near the Dung Gate, not far from the Western Wall Plaza and the Jewish Quarter.

The walk-path offers a wonderful view of the Old City, the Sultan’s Pool, Yemin-Moshe, Mount-Zion and the Mount of Olives.

A second part, the northern walk-path, is a walk-path that start inside of the Jaffa gate, heading towards the Lion’ gate.

The walk-path offers a wonderful view of the Latin Patriarchy, the Notre-Dame Inn, the new gate, the Flower-gate and the Nablus-gate.

The walks last between 2-4 hours. They require a large amount of stair-climbing and descending. It is also advised to wear comfortable walking-shoes and bring along enough water.

You are welcome to view our video of Jaffa Gate or of Jerusalem and Islam, or of Jerusaelm with children, and others on our You-Tube channel.

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