Rosh Pinna is a small town, located on mount Knaa’n, in the northern part of Israel (the northern/upper Galilee), of some 2,600 inhabitants.

The town is an ancient one, founded in 1882 by a small group of immigrant families from Romania, thus creating a settlement, in the lands of “nowhere”; turning it into the oldest Zionist settlements in the land of Israel. At those days, it

was called a “Moshava” (a kind of a farming settlement).

The “Rosh Pinna” of today is a trendy small village, with boutiques, cafés, restaurants and guesthouses that serve many if its families with a rewarding income of upscale tourism.

The old village had formerly enjoyed the graceful financial support of the late famous Baron Rothschild, who believed fiercefully in the growth of the country, during the 19th century.

In the center of the old village, the house of the Baron’s officials, initially built in 1885, severs as a mark stone of  the administrative center for Rosh Pinna.

The house serves today as a museum, commemorating the time that Rosh Pinna enjoyed the tremendous support of Baron Rothschild. An audiovisual presentation telling its historical story runs daily.

A small airport serves for efficient commute for the northern part of Israel.

Not to miss:

-The House of the Baron’s officials, in the center of the old quarter.

-The nearby Baron Gardens that had actually been created for use of the Baron’s staff. It is said that the Gardens’ model was based on the gardens of Versailles.

-The old Synagogue.

-The second Modern Hebrew school built in Israel.

-The house of Dr. Mer, who had engaged in the researched of the Malaria disease, in the “Hula Valley” during the 1930s.

-The old cemetery with the graves of the “Moshava’s” founders.

-Touring the old quarter combines the taste of modern life;  by meeting the many artists presenting their works of arts, together with the reminiscent s of days bygone.

-Touring outside of Rosh Pinna:

Rosh Pinna is a convenient home-base for touring many attractions in the area, such as:

-Nahal Rosh Pinna (the small river of Rosh Pinna);

-A nearby old village with its ruins-Tel Hatsor
-The city of Safed,
-Korazim National Park,

And also – engage is sporting activities as hiking tours, horseback riding, bike tours and jeep excursions.

-It is cold and rainy in Rosh Pinna during winter time. Warm cloths are highly recommended.

-It is advised to park the car at one of the many parking lots and walk on foot while touring the restored and the Artists’ quarters.

-Touring the site may take up to 4 hours.

How to reach?

-Drive north on route number 90. After the Sea of Galilee continue as per “Safed” signs and turn left at the Rosh-Pinna junction.

In the vicinity of this site you may also want to visit Safed; the Golan Heights or Mount Hermon...

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