The “Makhtesh” is a Geological Phenomenon that is unique to the Middle Eastern parts, which had been created due to the erosion of a Mountain that had been filled with soft stone.

The Phenomenon had started about 110 million years ago. The Hebrew term of “Makhtesh” can be translated onto the English work “Crater”, as a geological Phenomenon, initially created by a Meteor. Visits to the Ramon “Makhtesh” could last from several hours up to four days.

I strongly recommend the Promenade along the Crater’s cliff; also visit the Sculpture garden; take a night’s stroll to enjoy the numerous shining starts and mainly –  do not be lazy; rise in early morning hours in order to watch the Sunrise; it’s a pure Genesis breathtaking view to remember!

This article had been brought to you by Hilik Wald, Israel Tour Guide.

In the vicinity of this site you may also want to visit Sde-Boker; Eilat or the Timna Valley-Park...

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