Ra’anana is a beautiful city, located in the center of Israel; considered to be one of the most thriving and prosperous cities, some 15km from Tel Aviv.
More specifically speaking, Ra’anana is located in the heart of the southern “Sharon Plain”, in central Israel with a population of nearly 70,000. It borders with Kfar-Saba on its east and Herzliya on the west.
Most of the residents are native Israelis, but there is a large community stemming from English speaking countries, such as the US, England, South-Africa, Australia and also newcomers from France and Spanin.
A large part of the population is  a religious- Jewish population.
One of the largest high-tech parks of Israel is  located in the north of Ra’anana and is well-known worldwide, as many high-tech companies are located there; SAP, Amdocs, HP, Texas Instruments and more.
Ra’anana was established back in 1922 when newcomers from the Jewish youth group “Ahuza”- then considered being an Israeli-New York rising youth group- decided to purchase lands in Israel.  During these days the new settlement 

was called :Ahuza-New York” (or “Little America”).

On Independence Day of 1948 (thr birth of the Israel), there were only some 3,000 people in Ra’anana…..
What is there to see in Ra’anana?
-The main street, which is called “Ahuza” (the original city’s name) offers a variety of restaurants and stores, it is highly recommended to take a walk along the street when the weather is fine.
-The largest urban park in the “Sharon”; offering walking  and biking paths, Pets-corners, and a beautiful lake with bridges above; a romantic place to hang out during evening hours. There is also an option to take a short romantic cruise during the evening hours.
In the North’s side west corner of the park, is located one of the largest Israeli amphitheaters, which hosts many of local as well as foreign famous singers; some of the performers were: the Pet Shop Boys, Cranberries and Gipsy Kings.
-The Ra’anana museum is called “The First room” tells the full story of the city starting in 1922. The museum is located in the middle of “Ahuza” street and offers maps, documents and images of the evolving of the city. The museum 

hosts delegations from different countries who wish to learn more about the city’s history.

-In the center of the industrial park one can enjoy one of the largest Malls in Israel which called “Renanim-Mall”. The mall offer a variety clothes stores, fast food restaurants and a Cinema.
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