Art and culture are synonyms of the name Tel-Aviv City.

The city has several of the most well-known museums that offer a variety of modern, old and contemporary artifacts.

Have a lookout for:

  • The “Tel Aviv Museum of Art”; displaying modern art, post-modern, Impressionism, photography and more…. Including the newest wing named the “Herta and Paul Amir building”.
  • The Diaspora House (BEIT HATFUZOT), at the Tel Aviv University
  • The “Eretz Israel Museum”; displaying aspect of the history of Israel
  • The Litvak Art Gallery
  • The “LEHI” Museum
  • The “HA”ETZEL” Museum
  • The “HAGANA” Museum, named after Eliyahu Golomb
  • The “JABITINSKY” Museum
  • The “NAHUM GUTMAN” Gallery
  • The “BEIT-REUVEN” Museum
  • The Ilana Gur Art Gallery
  • Man and the Living World Museum, in Ramat-Gan
  • The Bialik house Museum
  • The Rokah house Museum

For more details and contact information, you are welcome to click on site.

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