Mount Hermon is also known as “the Snow mountain of Israel”. 

The Hermon Mountain is located at the most northern point of the state of Israel. It rises to nearly 3,000 meters, 

The snow at the mountain is season-based; in winter the entire mountain is covered with snow, not only its top.

Geographically, the mountain is located near the border of Israel, Syria and Lebanon.

The site offers various kinds of Ski activities and has greatly developed within the  recent years. Major attractions are: a ski school, snow sliding and Nordic skiing.

The water, melting from the snow, pours into three main rivers: The Dan River; the Banias and the Hazbani; all draining into the large Jordan River.

Mount Hermon has been Israeli territory as of 1981; the place is being guarded by Police as well as IDF Forces.

Thanks to its height, Israel is able to observe both Lebanese and Syrian military activities/intents; hence the mountain is also named “the eyes of Israel”.

According to Christian tradition, Mount Hermon is considered to be an important  site, where Jesus came to pray with three of his disciples, and where he was transfigured.

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