Places of Worship in Tel Aviv serve all major religions. The variety is large. We are glad to offer, herby, links to some of the major places, per religion:

Major synagogues in Tel Aviv are:
Beit Haknesset Hagadol, on Allenby corner of Ehad Ha’am Str.,
Beit Haknesset Hagadol, “Ohel -Moed”, on 5 Shahadal str.
Beit-Daniel, The Reform center,
More synagogues in Tel-Aviv

A well-known church in Tel Aviv is the Immanuel Church; a Protestant church.
The first Protestant congregation started in Tel Aviv in 1858. The building itself dates back to 1904. The address is 15 Beer Hoffman str.
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One of the outstanding sites is located in Jaffa, called: “Hassan Bek Mosque“, a historical heritage site in Tel Aviv-Jaffa. It is based on HAYRKON str, in Jafa.
The mosque was built in 1916 outside of walls of Jaffa and it is one of the oldest buildings of Tel Aviv city.
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