Sayed Kashua, is an  Israeli Arab author and journalist; was born in  Tira, Israel.

He is best known for both his books as well as hishumoristic columns in Arabic as well as in Hebrew.

Kashua writes satirical columns in Hebrew for Ha'arez newspaper and a local Jerusalem weekly,Ha'ir (The City).

His writing is based on a humorous style, addressing the problems that Arabs, living in modersn Israel, face these days; caught in-between the two worlds.

His recent most famous TV series "Arabixx work" Avoda Aravit (Arab labor),  is a satirical sitcom written by Kashua and aired on Israel's Channel 2. 

A large part of the dialogue is in Arabic with Hebrew subtitles.

"Let it be Morning"  (2006) tells about a young Arab journalist who returns to his hometown, an Arab village within Israel, where he meets a vexed sense of belonging that is forced to create crisis when the village becomes a pawn in the complex power-struggle in the Middle East.

Hoping to return to simplicity of life, the hero faces an impossible scenario while Israeli tanks surrender the village and the village itself devolves into a Darwinian jungle, where paranoia quickly takes hold and threatens the community.


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