According to Christian tradition , John the Baptist was born in the small village of Ein Karem, outside Jerusalem, in approximately the same time period of Jesus’ birth.

John the Baptist was born to elderly parents: Zachary and Elisheva. Since the Romans decided to kill all male newborns in the Judea Jewish tribe, Elisheva escaped with John into caves in the mountains and raised him there.

Ein Karem church

In due time, John grew up and chose to baptize Jewish poor people in the water of the river Jordan, in order to help, cleanse and assist them in their hard daily life.

There are two major churches in Ein Karem to commemorate ancient times: “The Church of John the Baptist” or else called “John Ba-Har” as well as “the Church of the Visitation”.

These sites are sacred pilgrimage sites for Christian visitors.

Ein Karem Church


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