There is never a dull moment in Jerusalem. Not even for kids….The old as well as new city offers a variety of attractions for children of all ages.

Here are some of the most famous sites that may be of interest to your children as well as to you, their parents:

The Time ElevatorThis attraction offer a large screen audio as well as movement experience walking the audience through some 3,000 years of history.

It surely offers the feeling of being part in the grand history of Jerusalem. This is a no-miss attraction!

The Science Museum

This is definite delight for all ages: a museum that offers exhibits that literally invite everyone to interactively explore a variety of topics such as lightning balls, mirrors, play gyms, Robots and more….It’s an attraction that could last for

several hours of sheer fun, for everyone.

The Biblical Zoo

The uniqueness of the zoo is that is houses dozens of animals that had been mentioned in the Bible as being native to the land of Israel.

Some of these animals had gone extinct and had been brought back to the Israel from various countries across the globe.

The zoo offers guided tours, a mini-train ride, petting and feeding of several species, while all of this stretches across an area of 250 dunams (62 acres) in a lovely valley surrounded by green hills. The zoo also encircles a small lake

situated near the main gate.

The Bible Lands MuseumThe museum, which is based on Biblical-history and Archaeology, had taken an unexpectedly exciting and engaging approach in order to invite kids to explore its wealth.

Children are encountered with a variety of missions to accomplish while strolling through the museum.

One enchanting idea is the comic-book character from ancient times which features in a special animated booklet called “The Tales of Shamshi,” (available both in Hebrew and in English), that targets young visitors to the museum.
The Israel Museum-the Youth Wing

The Israel Museum offers a special wing for the younger visitors; one that offers a glimpse at art, reading, creativity and self-expression.Kids enjoy caves/towers of books; a variety of craft workshops, assisted by guides who desire to

make this wing a center for study and creation, for an encounter of the young with the Museum’s’ art and culture.
Segway yours – for kids as of age 16 

Segway tours are an enchanting way to ride through the city of Jerusalem, and never get tired…. 

At the beginning you are provided with a helmet, a bottle of water and a specific training as to how to operate the vehicle. Once this is done, you are ready to start rolling.

Tours could be held privately or in groups.

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