Falafel is one of the unique foods in the land of Israel. 

It had started long ago, in the Middle East altogether, as a fast food. I is believed to be, traditionally, an Arab food that has been adopted by Israeli Jews. The word falafel probably descended from the Arabic word falafel (a plural for filfi- meaning "pepper”).

Falafel is actually a fried vegetarian fritter that is usually served in booths, on street-corners. 

It is usually served as a sandwich, stuffed in |Pitta-bread" with vegetables and "Thina" and "Humus".

Falafel is regarded as a "fast food" in Israel as well as one of its "national snacks".

Some of the most famous restaurants/chains/street-corner booths are:

Hatuka- in Hod Hasharon
Kaduri- in Hod Hasharon
Gina- across the country
Michel – in Vadi Nisnas –Haifa
Hazkenim- in Vadi Nisnas –Haifa
Outside of Israel (Amsterdam), a famous worldwide name is "Maoz".


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