Extreme Sports in Israel, like is many other states in the world, stand for a wide range of activities in sea, air and land.

Thanks to the warm weather, and low amount of rain, the extreme sports are available year-round.

Among the popular extreme sports  activities in Israel are surfing, windsurfing, kite-surfing, diving, jet skiing, gliding, skydiving, paragliding, abseiling, kayaking, biking, motor-crossing, skiing, water-skiing, boating-tubes, rafting, sailing, air-balloons, wall climbing and many others…

If you like skiing, Israel can offer only one location, which is Mount Hermon, located at the north of the country, near the Golan Heights.

However, other Extreme Sports in Israel are far more accessible, year-round.

Water and Air sports activities in Israel

For kite-surfing, kayaking, windsurfing and surfing:

  • Beit Yanai beach, near Netanya.
  • Kibbutz Sdot -Yam, located south of Cesarea
  • Tel Aviv port
  • Eilat
  • Herzliyya
  • Netanya, Poleg beach
  • Sea of Galilee
  • Haifa

Diving sports in Israel

For diving, Eilat is the hottest place, in addition to Tel-Aviv and Herzliya.
Major diving sports’ -sites in Eilat:

  • The Dolphin Reef – a unique ecological dive -site, where you can enjoy watching the fascinating lifestyle of dolphins
  • Garden eels – hundreds of eels in the sea floor, creating a spectacular, fantastic, site
  • Paradise Lost
  • Japanese Gardens
  • The caves – about a mile from the border of Tabaa (near Egypt)

Free falling and Tandem sports

  • Yemen landing field, in north of Beer Shava
  • Habonim Beach, on road number 2 (between Haifa and Netanya)
  • Massada

Air Balloons sports in Israel

– two main locations:

  • Kibbutz Ruchama, north of Negev
  • Jezreal Valley – in the north; near Haifa

Boating in the rapids

(includes: Kayaking, boating tubes etc..)
This sport is a family-occasion; mostly know sites are along the Jordan river:

  • Kayaki Kfar Blum
  • Kibbutz Gadot
  • Kibbutz Hagoshrim
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