Bat-Shlomo, on route between Tel Aviv and Haifa, on the Mediterranean shores, is a small, time honoring “Moshava” (small old settlement; from the days that Jewish immigrants came to Israel, to settle down in the promised land).

It was funded in year 1889, is situated in the crossroads between Fureidis and Yokneam, on route number 4.

At that time, famous Baron de Rothschild, a well-known philanthropist, assisted in financial funds to the settlers in order to aid in their hard life in the Promised Land.


The In year 1889 Zelig Schwartzman arrived in this small and beautiful place and had acted as “Mukhtar” – head of village, for some 40 years.

He and his son, Shimon had opened a farm that had offered milk, eggs and delicious cheese, to the settlers and later on- to other clients.


These days, the farm is run by the third generation of the dynasty, Ziv Shchwartzman, who had lovingly kept and cherished the 125 year old house and farmyard- to continue its flourishing in modern days.


It is fascinating to stroll through the small museum-room that cherishes so lively the ancient tools, photos, artifacts, as well as tables and chairs of time gone by. Just as they had produced milk, oil and cheese then- it is occurring these days, too, right now…..


Ziv had learned old work methods and is still using them, these days in order to produce extremely delicious kinds of cheeses and oil.

He also offers a small restaurant/Cafe at which one enters nostalgia of time long gone, with food and beverages of modern days.
Dם not miss visiting the farm.

Open every day 0800 am-20:00 pm

Tel: +972-4-6390-809
Cell: +972-50-553-7230

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