Celebrating a Bar-Mitzvah in Israel is a remarkably memorable event in any teenage Jewish boy’s life, as well as an emotional event for his parents and family.
There are various ways to celebrate: in a strictly formal event; or a religious path; combined with a tour/event after the ceremony or a restaurant; in a conservative manner or a creative one…. The sky is the limit. 

Many people from outside-of-Israel choose to hold a ceremonial event either at the “Kotel” or at a synagogue; be it a modern one or an ancient one. The most famous ones are:

  • The Kotel
  • Ancient Synagogues in Massada, Bar’am, Chorazin
  • The South Wall Excavation Area
  • Mt. Scopus, overlooking the Old City
Afterwards you could continue to one of numerous adventures: Desert camel rides, boat trips; crawling in caves, Museums (The Israel Museum or the Science Museum, both in Jerusalem); the Kotel-Tunnels or the Generations’ museum 

or a 4X4 trip in the desert, swimming with Dolphins in Eilat, and more…

Whether you will be assisted by an event planner/consultant, or handle it independently, there are various websites to assist you with ideas as to the variety of options and venues, for example:
  • Ideas for venues
  • Planners and consultants
  • How to organize a Bar-Mitzvah tour to Israel
  • General Tourist information about Israel
Here is a glimpse of several such websites:
Mazal Tov!
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One of the online niche veterans; a Tech savvy professional; lives & breathes Web, globalization and people. In addition, Aaron is an avid traveler, mainly in the south of Israel; being well known as a desert expert.

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