Pessach – the Jewish Passover- is approaching; it will be celebrated this year on April 14-21.

As it is a school holiday, many attractions are offered throughout the country,mainly to children/ families.

Here are some interesting ones:

 What games did our parents play with? 

A live-exhibition at the David Tower Museum in Jerusalem, April 16-17, 2014

More info at:

Geology on Stamps

A unique exhibition of a varity of Geological areas thta ahd been poested on stapms. AT the Geological Museum, 12 Hapalmach street, Ramat-Hasharon

Running until September 1, 2014

 The Quantities dance-show

A funny, interactive dance show at the Susanne Dalal Cultural Center in Tel-Aviv, during Pessach holiday.

 Playing Games at the Design Museum

How to go about illustrating books? how to go abut new designs?

An interactive exhibition for children and grown ups at the Design Museum in Holon, as of April 16 until June 9, 2014

 Adventures in the FARM (Hachava), in Tel-Aviv

Wish to learn how the Israelite left Egypt? how they traveled in the desert?

Would you like learning hoe to drum, or learn some magic?

All n’All at the farmhouse in Tel-Aviv, during the Pessach Holiday.

For more info:

Happy Holidays!




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