There is only one special land in the world; that holds so much meaning for the Christian traveler; and this land is the Holy Land, the Land of Israel.

  • Where in the world could you walk the “Via Dolorosa“, in the ancient part of Jerusalem; feeling the agony of Jesus?
  • Where could you touch the remains of the wall (the Western Wall) that had surrounded the Holy Temple; at which- according to the Bible- the presence of God dwelled in?
  • Where could you hold a prayer while absorbing the scenery of the Galilee other than on the Mount of Beatitude?
  • Where will you be able to enter the Jordan river’s water other than at the “Yardenit?
  • Where will you see the ancient boat that had been dug out of the Sea of Galilee, dating back to the time of Jesus?
  • Where else in the world will you be able to enter the Dead Sea?
  • Where would you be able to walk into the church in the old city of Nazareth and feel closer to God?
  • Is there a Holy Jerusalem in another place on this planet?
  • Where else will you find a small village “Kfar-Kanna” at which Jesus had created his first miracle at the wedding?
  • Where would you find ancient Churches, be it in old Jaffa or in Tel-Aviv or in the country, Churches that have a special meaning to the Christian believer?
  • What about ancient Caesarea, the old city of Emperors, Roman and Christian Crusaders?

…And these are just “the tip of the iceberg” of the places that await the Christian traveler in the Holy land.

You are welcome to further explore our website in sections as:

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All these, in order to learn more about the Holy Land.

For an Index of Churches in the Holy Land, please also refer to:

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One of the online niche veterans; a Tech savvy professional; lives & breathes Web, globalization and people. In addition, Aaron is an avid traveler, mainly in the south of Israel; being well known as a desert expert.

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