Neot Semadar is an Israeli Kibbutz, located in the Southern part of the “Negev” Desert, in Israel, some 60 km. north of Eilat.

Neot Smadar is an Oasis in the desert. It offers an Arts center, tastes of a delicious boutique Winery and a story of a unique group of people who decided to team-up in order to create a harmonious way of life in mid-desert.

The Kibbutz was established in 1989 by a group of young people who dreamed of establishing a community that will focus on collaboration along with creativity in daily life.

Neot Semadar

These days, the Kibbutz includes 90 adults members, 70 children and even 50 volunteers-form both Israel and overseas countries. Neot Smadar is famous for several unique areas of practice, such as Organic farming, Desert architecture, Water recycling, an , a winery and more.

In spite of acute environmental conditions (extreme temperatures, scarce rainfall, salty soil, and low quality water), Neot Smadar’s team successfully grows a large variety of crops, including – apricot, nectarine, peach, plum, pear, apple and almonds, olive, citrus, date groves, and vineyards.

Neot Semadar

Neot Semadar hosts a boutique winery that produces organic wines from local grape varieties. The wines are unique due to the arid desert conditions in which the grapes are cultivated. Surprisingly, it is the harsh desert conditions, such as the drastic differences in temperature between day and night, and the salty soil, as well as the natural, organic cultivation of the vineyards that influence and enhance these exceptional wines.

Neot Semadar

Neot Smadar offers lodging, a tasty restaurant and a beautiful art gallery.

This is a unique opportunity to enjoy spiritualism in the desert.

How to reach:
Neot Semadar is located in the southern Negev, half way between Mizpe-Ramon & Eilat, at Shizafon junction, on road 40

Contact details:
Winery: 054-9798962
Booking a tour: 972-8-635-8170

Neot Semadar

Neot Semadar

Neot Semadar

Neot Semadar


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