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Eyal is a licensed tour-guide as of year 1990.

He lives in the city of Kfar-Saba and is a graduate of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

Eyal’s specialty is the city of Jerusalem; its unique history, its tastes and flavors.

Eyal is also a family tour guide, meaning that if you have a special occasion to celebrate, he will gladly meet with you and establish a tour, path or journey to the history of your family, combined with the history of the land.

Tours are custom-made, tailored to your tastes and embroidered with the lovely history as well as present of the state of Israel.

View Eyal’s website, for more information.

Tel: +972-54-2442552

About the Author

One of the online niche veterans; a Tech savvy professional; lives & breathes Web, globalization and people. In addition, Aaron is an avid traveler, mainly in the south of Israel; being well known as a desert expert.

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