Kfar-Hanokdim is a unique and picturesque village, situated in the middle of the Judean desert, between the city of Arad and the ancient site of Masada.

In spite of the surrounding desert, the village offers its visitors a green Oasis shaded by palm-trees along with ancient-scents and sights of Biblical gardens.

The village nuclides comfortable Bedouin tents, “Divans” (functional halls, suited for dining) and a variety of conveniently positioned guest rooms.

The village offers its guests not only breathtaking views of the Judean desert, but also a relaxed desert break from daily life.


“Generally speaking, it is a love story.

A young man living in Arad felt very passionate about his surroundings. He spent much of his time trekking in the area, getting to know the land and its varied plant and animal life. By spending time in the desert he, quite naturally, came

into contact with the Bedouin people. He purely fell in love with their culture and tradition.

Through his time with these indigenous people his knowledge of the desert deepened. He decided to establish Kfar-Hanokdim village, in order that he could share Bedouin hospitality, culture and tradition with others. Therefore, passing on

some of the magic he had tasted from these people and the majestic land they share.” ( quoted from the village’s website).

Recreational aspects while in the village

-Enjoy warm Bedouin hospitality accompanied by explanations of Bedouin life and culture.
-Camel or Donkey treks.
-Jeep treks.
-Desert trips.

As the evening sets on the village – one can enjoy the peaceful desert calmness, the cold air and the sounds of night-in-the-desert.

Telephone: +972-8-9950097

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