Jewish traditional Dishes
When visiting a new place, one of the most important aspects is to taste the local cuisine. It is the flavors that connect one to the land.
We have gathered together some major dishes that portray best the the Jewish/Israeli food.
The Jewish population in Israel consists mainly of three groups:
People who came to Israel from Europe or Anglo-Saxon countries;
People who came to Israel from Middle-Eastern/North-African countries;
People who were born in Israel
Here is a list of dishes that you may wish to look for when eating at local cuisine, flavors of all countries that have been traditional within the Jewish community in the Diaspora as in current Israeli life:
•Israeli salad – small cut pieces of Salad, in olive oil, very popular in Israel (similar to Greek salad, but usually without the cheese)- stemming from middle-eastern origins
•Humus – a middle eastern dish, made of cooked, mashed chickpeas and  blended with olive and lemon; it is usually served with Pittah-bread, highly popular in the region
•Pittah – flour half-baked in the oven, usually eaten with Humus/Tchina
•Baklava- a sweet bakery, stemming from Iraq/Turkey
•Couscous – a kind of thin rice, stemming from Morocco
•Halva – a sweet bakery stemming from Turkey
•Jachnun –  a sweet kind of bread, stemming from Yemenite origins
•Hanukkah Doughnuts "Sufgania" – fried doughnuts, generally eaten at Hanukkah
•Schnitzel – fried chicken, usually served with potato chips (French fries)-stemming from Austria
•"Lekach" (a honey sponge cake) filled with honey and cinnamon – stemming from Europe
•"Kneidlach" – often known as Matzah- balls; dumplings made from Matzah meal and eggs; usually boiled and served in a chicken soup stock –stemming from Europe
•"Challah" – Braided egg bread. Usually eaten on Sabbath- stemming from Europe
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