Throughout recent years, exclusive accommodations have begun flourishing in Israel.

Be it Spa Hotels; Luxury Hotels; small cabins (secluded or not) in rural places- “Zimmer” in Hebrew slang, or other Boutique places – all offer a taste of the exquisite.

Some are based on ancient homes and houses, some are brand new; but each one offers a unique experience for the visitor and a splendid taste…. to wish to return to.

We have gathered some names and links of revered ones, however, there are many more out there, for the traveler to explore.

The north is characterized by a variety of exclusive places of tranquility.

Here are some to explore:
Villa Galilee-near Safed;
Mitzpe-Hayamim – near Safed
Bait Ba-Galil –In Hatzor, near Biriya forest   
Carmel Forests Spa resort – near Haifa
Various exclusive Spa “Zimmers” in Leeman –near Haifa
Pinchas & Gaston
Amirim Holiday Village
Ramot Holiday Village Resort
The Colony Hotel – in Haifa
The Scots’ Hotel – in Tiberias (sea of Glillee)

Jerusalem city exquisite hotels:
The King David 
The David Citadel Hotel
American Colony
Mamila Hotel
Dan Jerusalem Hotel

A quiet neighborhood of Jerusalem (15 minutes ride) is “Ein-Karem” , which offers seceded unique resorts, such as:
Alegra Hotel 
The Zion Sisters’ Monastery in Ein-Karem

Tel Aviv unique places:
Hotel Montifiore in Tel-Aviv
The Hilton
The Dan Tel-Aviv
Dan Accadia – in Herzliya

Eilat hotels are famous for their exclusivity, mainly as part of a grand holiday resort in south of Israel. To visit the article about Eilat.

Some of the famous, more exclusive, names are:
The Princess Hotel;
Hilton- Queen of Sheba;
Herods Palace/Forum;
Dan Eilat;
Find more information about Eilat -hotels
Beresheet – Mitspe Ramon
The Beresheet hotel, (“Genesis”) is located amid a beautiful primeval landscape, near the ancient Spice Route, just on the edge of the towering cliffs that slope down into the Ramon Crater – an extraordinary natural phenomenon without

equal anywhere in the world. To visit the article about Mitzpe Ramon.Visit the hotlel’s web link
 More Hotles’ Links:

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