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Please meet Einav Ayalon, an Israeli licensed and experienced tour guide; since 1999.

“The stars are beautiful, because of a flower that cannot be seen”.

I replayed: ” yes; that is so.” And, without saying anything more, I looked across the ridges of sand that were stretched out before us in the moonlight.
“The desert is beautiful”, the little price added.

And that was true…..”What makes the desert beautiful,” said the little prince “is that somewhere it hides a well”…..
“yes” I said to the little prince. The house, the stars, the desert—what gives them their beauty is invisible!”

Little Prince- Antoine de Saint Exupe’ry

This is what Einav believes in:

Touring Israel is my work and love and I am privileged to be able to combine both.
You can travel a country on your own but if you decide to travel with me,  you will meet the “invisible that gives beauty to places”- as the little prince said. I will show you the well that is hidden in the desert; I will share with you the story that lies behind it; I will help you enjoy the country in a unique way.
There is so much to see and to experience in Israel.  From the top of Mount Hermon through the green scenery of the Galilee;  past the brown and yellow desert and to the lowest place on earth at the Dead Sea. From Jewish Moshavim and Kibutzim; through Arab villages, or mixed cities; where Jews and Arabs live together and many other places….

I will take you to tourist spots while showing you not only the obvious but also the unique part in them. If you wish I will take you to the hidden and off the beaten track places; we can go rafting, abseiling (rappelling), jeep riding and many more optional attraction – all according to your needs and desires.

Together, you and I, will create a unique and interesting Israeli experience; tailored just  for you.

So -do get in touch, for the best tours in Israel:

Contatc details:
+972 (0)52-6039134

About the Author

One of the online niche veterans; a Tech savvy professional; lives & breathes Web, globalization and people. In addition, Aaron is an avid traveler, mainly in the south of Israel; being well known as a desert expert.

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