Ein-Gedi, is a National reserve (as of 1971) located west of the Dead Sea.
It is a flourishing desert oasis surrounded by sand, desert and mountains.
The reserve offers the traveler breathtaking scenery for a hike, a long journey, a Picnic or a great splash in its springs’ water.
The park is situated on the eastern border of the Judean Desert, on the Dead Sea coast, and covers an area of 14,000 dunams.
The elevation of the land rises (in comparison to the Dead Sea) at 200 meters above sea level.
The name “Ein-Gedi” is composed of two Hebrew words: “Ein”- meaning a spring of water; “Gedi/Gdi”-meaning a goat; animals that one will encounter once entering into the reservation.
Ein-Gedi has appeared in the Bible in a variety of books; in the book of Genesis, in the book of Samuel, in the book of Songs “the vineyards of Ein-Gedi” (Songs 1:14) and in others._MG_4608

Ein-Gedi photo, courtesy of Gil Levene-Feinberg
There are several springs at the reserve.
Two springs with flowing water year-round are:
Nahal David” and “Nahal Arugot“.
Two other springs, by names of” Shulamit” and “Ein-Gedi“, also flow in the reserve
Most of the water that is generated by these springs is used for agriculture; some is also bottled up into clear consumption water.
The reserve is a habitat for a variety of plants, birds and animal-species.
The vegetation includes plants and trees from the tropical, desert and Mediterranean areas.
The varied species of resident birds grow immensely while migration periods take place; in spring and fall. Mammal species include the Nubian ibex and the Rock hyrax.
Ibexes are usually traveler-friendly.
Drinking water is essential while entering the reserve in order to prevent dehydration.
A youth hostel is available in nearby Kibbutz Ein-Gedi. Alongside a comfortable hotel at the same Kibbutz location.
How to get to Ein-Gedi? 
Take Road 90, heading to the Dead Sea.


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