The Ariel Sharon Park is a unique example of a green slot in the midst of a highly urbanized area, that had been allocated to serve as a reservation for environmental rehabilitation projects.

Once, not many years ago, the Park; then called “Hiriya”, served as the main waste-ground for the center of Israel, a place that had been known to be polluted as well as neglected; a health-hazard for the inhabitants of nearby cities.

Ariel Sharon Park
In 2005, the late PM, Mr. Ariel Sharon, took the brave decision to vacate the waste-ground to more secure, health-guarded and distant landfills, while turning this piece of land of some 8,000 dunams into a recreational park for the well-being of the public.

The Park offers a network of hiking and bicycle trails, among river-creeks, as well as leisure and recreational activities.

Ariel Sharon Park
One of the Park’s major activities are the various guided tours (for schools, families and individuals) about the vision and its pragmatic turn-around of how to turn a waste-land into a flourishing environmental place and about the meaning of responsibly for our community.

Ariel Sharon Park
Ariel Sharon Park
The visitors’ center offers a breathtaking multi-dimensional movie about the Park, there are guided tours aside a variety if guidance as to the recreational activities in the Park.

It is a place for all ages.

Contacts information:
Tel. +972-3-739-8999
Address: 298 Haim Bar-lev Street, Tel Aviv

Ariel Sharon Park

Ariel Sharon Park

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